Overall, Citronelle supports a positive balance of retail trade. Based on its population, its retail demand is $30,413,944, yet its retailers are supplying $42,510, 495 worth of goods. This results in a 1.39 coefficient of trade and a healthy out-shopping pattern proving people often drive to Citronelle for their retail shopping.



Retail Leakage and Surplus

Citronelle Retail Leakage and Surplus

A Few Retailers We Are Targeting:

  • Hotel
  • Neighborhood Market
  • Full Service Restaurant
  • Clothing

Potential Incentives

The City of Citronelle is willing to rebate a significant portion of local sales and property taxes generated off a project. The City of Citronelle is also willing to sell property to businesses for low prices.

  • Built In Advantages
    • Retail hub—over $12 million retail dollars per year spent by non-Citronelle citizens
    • 2-county area population: over 430,000 people
    • Close proximity to Airbus’ only USA-based assembly plant
    • Close proximity to one of the largest steel mills in the USA
    • Award-winning local schools
    • Alabama features the lowest property taxes in the USA

* Disclaimer: Incentives negotiations are subject to due diligence based on a project by project basis.

Available Properties

Source of Business and Labor Numbers: The University of Southern Mississippi’s Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development & Entrepreneurship